Kevin Kee, “Share your research. That’s what keeps the humanities alive.”

An interesting read about humanities research, the academy, and the ways in which the accessibility and openness of the internet begins to deconstruct the Ivory Tower. Kee reflects on his experience in the 1990’s, breaking into the academy through publications and dry textual media, then turns to the innovations of the digital age, and how it has changed the ability to research (with new tools and available information), to publish (online, in free, open formats), and to discuss research (quickly, at the speed of access). This is very relevant to a turn in my thinking about undergraduate research toward the question, how can the internet/the digital help to make slippery the Professional/Undergraduate Research binary and help the academy recognize undergraduates’ legitimacy?

Kee, Kevin. “Share your research. That’s what keeps the humanities alive.” The Globe and Mail. 2 April 2014. 

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