What is Creative Commons?

Today we’re gonna learn about Creative Commons. I had a general idea of what this term meant before–something about granting license to use or not use creative works online in certain ways. So, a quick Google search brings me to Wikipedia which brings the details into focus: Creative Commons is a non-profit which developed and maintains these licenses in order to grow the pool of creative material available to use and build upon. Creative Commons licenses include

  • Attribution (CC BY)
  • Attribution – ShareAlike (CC BY – SA)
  • Attribution – NoDerivs (CC BY – ND)
  • Attribution – Noncommercial (CC BY – NC)
  • Attribution – Noncommercial – ShareAlike (CC BY – NC – SA)
  • Attribution – Noncommercial – NoDerivs (CC BY – NC – ND)

in which,

attribution: lets others use your work as long as they attribute it to you
share alike: lets others use your work as long as their derivatives use the same licensing
no derivs: lets others redistribute and share your work, but prohibits them from altering or cutting it
noncommercial: lets others use your work as long as it is not for commercial uses


According to the Creative Commons website, you need not register for a CC license. Just choose which one fits your work, and mark it so that others know the terms of your license.

So now you (and I) know! Go forth and be respectful of others’ work/be respected!


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