Foucault, Surveillance, etc: Planning

I need to go out into the world and do some reading, but for now, for the Daily Create assignment, I’ll lay out a plan for attacking this thing.

1. Gonna do some reading–I have my crazy to-do list calendar.

Yup, that's color coded by course.

Yup, that’s color coded by course.

All that dark green is time I’ll be spending reading so that I can coherently make the argument I’ve been building to for a while. Scholarly articles, videos, webcomics, BuzzFeed, whatever. Gonna read it all. (Any suggestions?)

2. Gonna make an outline. You all will get that here, because this blog isn’t about finished products, because digital culture isn’t about finished products. I’ll post the whole process, from annotations to drafts to citation links. I’m thinking I’ll probably start with some framing–Foucault and other thinking that contextualizes my own–then move to some analysis of social media posts, or some other interesting sort of text, then ask some questions for further thinking.

3. Gonna write. And by write I mean gather, curate, frame, analyze, revise, revise, format, double-check.

4. Gonna post!

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