Buzzfeed: “I Killed A Man”: What Happens When A Homicide Confession Goes Viral

While I don’t have time to read this now, I’m putting it here for future reference. I think it may resonate interestingly with Foucault’s ideas about confession, discourse, and subjecting oneself to control and discipline. The internet allows all of us to freely express ourselves to a wide audience, but at the same time, that positive expression can easily be flipped to show how, by putting into the hegemonic discourse/language our thoughts, feelings, identities, personalities, relationships…we are shaping them according to and allowing them to be shaped by those hegemonic, disciplinary structures. We are putting ourselves in the panopticon.

I wonder, is this a genre that exists on the internet? Of course it does anonymously–whisper and postsecret and all of those–but are there more people who write themselves unconfidentially?

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